The Texas Air Museum

Mitsubishi Ki-51 "Sonia"

Ki-51 - Smoke

Among the flying aircraft at the Texas Air Museum are several replicas of the Mitsubishi Ki-51. Flown by the Japanese Army Air Force in WWII, the "Type 99 Assault Plane" was codenamed "Sonia" by the Allies. It served as a ground-attack and reconaissance aircraft with the ability to operate out of short, rough airfields. While outclassed by Allied fighters, the "Sonia" performed its role well.

Ki-51 - Ramp

Ki-51s at Snyder

These two flying "Sonia" replicas restored by the Texas Air Museum belong to and were financed by Museum members. N1128Z, in dark green, belongs to Larry Neal. N1131Z, in bright green, belongs to Randy Rogers and Telefilm, Inc.

Ki-51 - Ramp

The newest addition to the Museum's squadron is the third completed replica of the Sonia. The cost of its completion was donated by Chad Bartee, and it now proudly flies alongside the Museum's other aircraft!

Ki-51 - Flying

Ki-51 - flying